How to Find Montessori Schools

Montessori schools offer a unique style of teaching that fosters creativity within your child. As you decide on where to enroll your child, it is best to research and determine what Montessori school is best for your family’s needs. Alternative styles of education, such as Montessori, offer a special learning system that can suit your child’s creative and academic needs.

The mission of Montessori education is unique. The goal is to help your child grow into their individuality and encourage them to expand beyond the rigid building blocks a non-Montessori school offers. Montessori schools go above and beyond to ensure your child is not wedged into a box.

All in all, the Montessori school system allows for your child to find their own unique voice, grow in their creativity, and learn about self-autonomy, all in a structured, academic setting.

So how does a parent find the perfect Montessori schools in Texas best suited for their child? Keep reading to learn a few things you should consider before choosing a Montessori school in Texas.

Take ownership of your child’s education with these tips to find the best Montessori schools in Texas.

Ask Questions

It can be incredibly difficult figuring out what you need to know before signing up your child for a Montessori school. That’s why there are amazing resources like American Montessori Society, that offer detailed information on what exactly a Montessori school education entails. It’s important when you’re researching different Montessori schools for your child, that you ask detailed and focused questions to the school.

For example, ask what the day-to-day schedule is like for students at that school. It is important that you find value in the daily set-up, and that the teachers can provide a clear explanation of the sort of activities your child might partake in. The schedule does not have to be extremely specific, but it’s good if there is a sense of structure for your child to thrive in.


Conduct your own research about various Montessori schools. Use resources like Private School Review or Association Montessori International USA to best find a school. Locate each of the schools, and find out if they have any reviews from other parents online. You can even use common websites like Yelp to find out what other people are saying about specific schools.

Research any schools you’re interested in, then create a document that keeps track of different schools, their ratings, and their reviews. Take research into your own hands, and investigate using the great power of modern technology!


It is best practice to attend a campus visit and observe how Montessori schools work. Montessori schools and their curriculum are different from the standard public school education. With this in mind, a campus visit will give you and your child first-hand experience with a Montessori school setup.

Online research is an important step in the process. Nevertheless, firsthand observation will allow you to make the most informed about a school. At the end of the day, you’re investing in your child’s education. Therefore, it’s most important that you trust your own instinct.

Start searching for the best Montessori schools in Texas!

These are just a few tips you can use to find the right Montessori schools in Texas. It can be stressful trying to figure out where to send your child. Fortunately, there are amazing Montessori schools in Texas available near you!

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