Our son has been in the Montessori system since he was 15 months old.  Keeping him in until Kindergarten was an easy decision because my wife and I were extremely impressed with his emotional and intellectual development.  Like many parents, however, we were not certain where to send him for elementary.   We investigated many schools, but ultimately decided to have him continue Montessori.  The most tangible development we have seen at this stage of his education is that he is empowered with the desire to learn.  He does not need to be forced to memorize facts and spend hours each evening on homework assignments.  He is learning to think for himself and is continually overcoming intellectual obstacles daily.  Our son's education is an absolute priority, and we have not second guessed nor regretted our decision.

Michael Amin Khayat

A quick update for you on Jenna's progress in 7th grade. Her attitude, work ethic and grades have been fantastic! The change is dramatic as she has grown into a very smart, responsible, and studious young lady who NOW has the ability to effectively communicate and work with people of all ages. I mention this as she has always been on the shy side and if you recall was not able to speak to audiences at prior school ceremonies. Her confidence, development and ability to communicate has grown exponentially over the past few years. I attribute a large portion of this growth to her being in the winter program at SSMA. After several years of being involved with the program she is EXTREMELY confident in all facets of her everyday life. She is no longer afraid to think and step outside the "box". I am so very proud of her and the fact that she had the confidence to take on the LEAD ROLE in last year’s program. She truly is a different child!  I believe the enrichment derived from the music and dance experience has provided her with the discipline, perseverance and self-confidence to excel in other areas of her life. I strongly feel this is why her transition year to 7th grade has been so seamless, academically and socially.

Parent of Smaller Scholars Student

Our daughter has become a confident young lady, she has many opinions about many things. She's not afraid to stand up and speak out about her beliefs. Thank you, Montessori for making her an individual and not one of many. 

Christine Schnitzer & Toni Martinez

The Montessori experience has made Joseph into the well-rounded, mature young man he is today. He has gone from a "behind the scenes" guy to "front and center"! He's taken on more initiative as he prepares himself for more of a leadership role in the classroom. These are the skills that he will be able to carry on as he prepares for middle school and beyond. We're so proud of how far he's come. Keep up the good work!

Dale and Shea Brown

Kylie has been in Montessori since she was two (now eight). We LOVE it! She has constantly passed any expectations we ever may have had! At her first-grade testing, at the end of the year, she tested at a 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and even 4TH GRADE level, and is now in upper scientific spelling! I wouldn't even think about putting her in public school, as that is not the place for her, we can now very clearly see! We love Montessori and even have our son in it as well, and have recommended it to everyone asking about different schooling options!

Kerrie Bankhead

Our son Diego Orellana has been in Smaller Scholars Montessori school since he was 18th months old. We were very impressed by how rapidly he learned to read at the age of 3 ½.  Also, he is excelling in mathematics and science two subject that he really enjoys.  The fact that he is a second grader doing 3rd grade math is fabulous, and we know that the Montessori method puts no boundary for his growth. Diego loves to learn and he always strive to be the best.  We love his quest for always wanting to learn, which is a great foundation for his academic development. Diego develops his leadership skills by teaching the younger ones and he also likes to learn from the older students, and all this is a product of the Montessori program.

Yvette Alfonzo-Orellana

My family is forever grateful because in the five years that my children went to Smaller Scholars, the effort, dedication, and sacrifice from all the members of the staff went above and beyond our expectations to the point where they became like family to us.

My wife and I are certain that the great personalities that they have now are thanks to the education they received at this school. Especially Miss Janet and Mrs. Ann. We love you ladies!

I have no doubt that Smaller Scholars is the best Montessori Academy in Houston.

Jaime Valencia

We love SSMA It’s been a wonderful environment for our two kids.

We would like to express our gratitude to the staff of Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy for the incredible job they do each and every day. They have equipped our sons with the tools for success in life. During the course of their years at SSMA, we have seen their self-esteem and confidence grow in leaps and bounds. Teachers, Assistants and Directors are all extraordinarily caring, wonderful, nurturing people who always put the children first.

100% recommended

Alicia Lareu

I had my 2 children going to Smaller Scholars started at age of 18 months and till end of kindergarten. Couldn’t be any happier with the teachers and staff. And the academic exceeded my expectations. They both went on to a private school for elementary and were above average/top of the class. So when I had my 3rd child, it was no doubt that we were back at Smaller Scholars. I can’t say enough great things about this school. Thank you Smaller Scholars for setting up such great foundations for all my children.

Vivian Yeh

Wow, there is so much to say about the wonderful education that my children are receiving from the Montessori way. Just recently I was at a birthday party with both the kids for one of Aakash’s friends. We were there at a large fun-plex for several hours, I was pleasantly surprised when a young lady in the fun-plex uniform approached me and said, “I just wanted to compliment you on how well behaved and courteous your daughter Meghna is, you’re doing a great job raising her”…………..I have to credit the Montessori way. The mixed aged classrooms are so dynamic for the young as well as the old, the young learn from the older kids and the older kids help teach the younger one while learning responsibility. An as they move through the system the roles of younger and older get reversed as they progress through the system.

Supriyo Chowdhury