Montessori Education

Montessori Works

Universally acclaimed in the educational community, a Montessori child is enthusiastic about learning and developing to their fullest potential. With the Montessori advantage, your child will become more confident, more creative and better able to make independent choices – qualities which help lead to success in life.


Montessori Experience

The Montessori classroom environment is a caring, sharing, peaceful and unhurried place. Multi-age grouping promotes an atmosphere where children can help and learn from each other. Here, the child makes individual choices based on capabilities, exercises self-discipline and discovers ways to solve progressively complex problems. Smaller Scholars’ certified teachers create an enriched environment, introduce the materials and guide each child through every process, promoting individual growth as rapidly as the child’s abilities will allow. Children learn not only how to read and write, they will also begin to respond creatively to challenges while being encouraged to think, communicate and express personal ideas.

Community life is also an important component of this educational approach. Smaller Scholars’ Montessori children begin to take responsibility for their own environment, as they become contributing members of the Montessori social group.

The classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori materials and are staffed by trained, certified and experienced teachers who respect children’s needs and are dedicated to making a positive difference.