Best Montessori Schools in Houston, TX

What’s the best way to learn? In traditional education, the blanket solution to teaching and learning is to administer lectures and assign homework. However,  test scores and overall morale suggests that it’s not the best way to teach or learn.

As a solution,  Montessori education was created to nurture the innate curiosity and excitement that children have for learning. This individualized learning philosophy is student-centered, not teacher centered, to focus on your child’s needs and interests.

Review this list of the best Montessori schools in Houston for a school that will allow your child to reach their learning potential.

Smaller Scholars Montessori

Starting off the list of the best Montessori schools in Houston is Smaller Scholars. This Montessori is devoted to creating a kid-friendly environment that promotes intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth.

In order to keep this promise to champion education, Smaller Scholars’ degreed and certified teachers oversee small classrooms where each child can receive individualized attention. In addition to its individualized curriculum, Smaller Scholars practices “Grace and Courtesy” a program that emphasizes the importance of self-respect and respect for others and the environment.    

Smaller Scholars offers a variety of after-school classes that include art, karate, book club, and more.

“I already knew that I loved Montessori but wanted an authentic experience. I feel that I have found that at Smaller Scholars. The staff cares about and loves your child. Learning is taught in a loving and hands-on environment and I have peace of mind knowing my daughter loves going to school.” -Great Schools Parent Review

Montessori School of Downtown

At Montessori School of Downtown, they believe that children are inspired not by rewards, but by their good work that creates lifelong learners. Opposed to a lecture-style classroom, students discover through manipulatives and real-life applications.

In addition to its academic curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in karate classes, gymnastics practice, and more.

“I and my child have had a wonderful experience with the school. The administration and teachers are friendly and professional. I love that they have classes like karate, soccer, art, gymnastics, and dance. My child enjoys going to school every day and talks about using the smartboard and learning Spanish. I would recommend this school over an HISD school any day.” -Great Schools Parent Review

Armand Bayou Montessori School

The goal at the Armand Bayou Montessori School is “to follow the child.” The School fulfills this goal with a curriculum that is built around the student and their interests. True to the Montessori method, students have the option to work individually or in small groups at their own pace to complete lessons.

The school also offers a wide range of extracurriculars like its music and Spanish program. In addition, the students have the opportunity to attend educational field trips.

“We love this school. My daughter began when she was two. She is now in 3rd grade and has done so well here. The school teaches the children how to take care of themselves and be confident in the world. My daughter has learned to think and figure things out for herself. The school is so warm and caring. In addition, because the school is small, they get to go on some fun field trips!” -Great Schools Parent Review

School of the Woods Montessori

Since 1962, School of the Woods Montessori has enriched the lives of thousands of students in the greater Houston area. The school’s education program allows students to learn outside of the classroom and in the community. In fact, lessons are conducted at museums, historical sites, and more.

Additionally, the Montessori offers an all-inclusive arts program with courses like dance, drama, African drums, and guitar.

“The school has been a wonderful experience for my children. The faculty and the environment foster personal responsibility and preparation for lifelong learning. It develops more than test scores; it fosters creative empathetic people who can make a contribution to the community.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

West Montessori School of Copperfield

Learning is a community affair at The West Montessori School of Copperfield! Family members join the classroom for special events to support students education. Special events and programs include speakers and activities.

The Montessori school is a part of the American Montessori Society, an information center and global force for the Montessori community.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about this school. The director is completely dedicated to the children and her staff of great teachers. My husband and I felt the warmth from the very first greeting. We feel so fortunate to have found such a terrific first school for our son.” -Great Schools Review