Top 5 Pre-K Schools in Houston, TX

Pre-kindergarten is more than a daycare or a social activity. Pre-K is an early stage of education where children are able to acclimate to a school system, learn foundational skills that will prepare them for kindergarten, and interact with their peers.

Even more, children that are prepared for the education system are more likely to excel in school. In fact, a study at Duke University found that kids who had structured learning starting at age 4 were also less likely to need special education and less likely to have to repeat a grade. All in all, the benefits of attending a pre-K program work in favor of attendees.

Here are the top five pre-K schools in Houston, TX that can give your child a head start.

Pre-K Schools in Houston, TX:

Smaller Scholars Montessori

Smaller Scholars Montessori is the premier Montessori school in Houston, Texas. The Montessori school champions children to grow and become lifelong learners through a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum.

Smaller Scholars ensures that students receive the best education possible from qualified teachers, and keeps class sizes smaller to ensure individual instruction and small group learning. It is an excellent option for pre-k schools in Houston, TX.

Smaller Scholars keeps the curriculum fun and engaging and invigorates minds to create a curiosity for the world around them.

“I already knew that I loved Montessori but wanted an authentic experience. I feel that I have found that at Smaller Scholars. The staff cares about and loves your child. Learning is taught in a loving and hands-on environment and I have a peace of mind knowing my daughter loves going to school.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

The Post Oak School

The Post Oak School’s mission is to provide its students with an environment that fosters collaboration and cooperation. In addition, it aims to give students experience that promotes curiosity, inquiry, and engagement.

The school’s pre-K program, Young Children’s Children’s Community, stresses the importance of building community and gaining independence. To achieve their motto “Help me to do it myself,” the community offers an environment rich in opportunities for physical, sensorial, intellectual, and social learning.

“World-class Montessori education. Post Oak provides the perfect foundation for the development of a well-rounded, intellectually-curious, self-reliant child. We love the faculty and their dedication to empowering our children as individuals for future success – not just as students, but as contributing members of society.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Cy-Fair Montessori School

Cy-Fair Montessori School’s mission is to uphold and surpass the high educational standards and needs set by its students and their parents. With this in mind, the school upholds this mission by providing an immersive and fun experience for its students.

Each child is considered to be a unique individual. Because of this ideology, Cy-Fair’s learning is based on the principles of respect and independence. Children learn from experience and direct interaction with the environment through learning games, music lessons, hikes, and more.

“My son loves going to school every day. This school has fun events for the children to hangout and socialize, and my child learns something new every day. He’s already doing addition and reading! The Montessori guides are friendly and clear. No nonsense. The leadership is also really strong and accessible, and I feel secure knowing my son is with people who treat him as their own.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

West Montessori School of Copperfield

Learning is a community affair at The West Montessori School of Copperfield. The Montessori school is dedicated to stimulating its students’ curiosity, teaching them important life skills, and allowing them to grow independently.

The school supports these efforts by allowing family members to take a constructive role in their child’s education. Family member join the classroom to join special events. Special events and programs include speakers and activities.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about this school. The director is completely dedicated to the children and her staff of great teachers. My husband and I felt the warmth from the very first greeting. We feel so fortunate to have found such a terrific first school for our son” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Sheridan Montessori School

Sheridan Montessori School allows its students to acquire confidence in achievement, discover and develop their talents and interests, and experience the joys of learning at an early age.

This Montessori school heavily emphasizes the importance of foundational reading and language skills. For example, as early as pre-K students begin to learn basic and advanced language skills through songs and stories. In addition, Sheridan Montessori School teaches students cultural awareness by exploring the customs, language, and music of other countries.

“Our son has been attending Sheridan Montessori School since age 4 months, and he is now 2 years old. We could not be happier with our choice. The teachers have decades of experience and are very loving and attentive. Our son is excited to go to school and loves his teachers. At 2 years old he speaks in sentences, sings songs, does some counting, knows several shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer