Extra-Curricular Activities

We are very pleased to offer your family a variety of optional classes. The specialists provide their services to your children who are interested in a fun activity that extends beyond the Montessori Program. These enrichment opportunities promote physical and mental growth and are conveniently held while the parents are still at work.

The schedule and fee of each program is determined by the provider. Information about each class and contact number is available in the lobby area.

*Programs and activities may be subject to change without notice.

Extracurricular Activities for Kids

A hands-on explorative experience where elementary students learn about the scientific method and how that guides one through the process of discovery in:  Physical Science, Natural Science, General Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The Fitness program breaks down specific sports and coaches its students in the basic skills necessary to compete in each activity.  Lessons are age specific.  We form a solid foundation of healthy living and physical well-being through sports/fitness activities in a fun atmosphere.

The classes consist of nine different ranks through black belt.  The values of courtesy, honor, integrity, perseverance, self-discipline, respect and responsibility are emphasized.

Offered for the early beginner and older beginner.  Emphasis is placed on correct techniques and note reading.

Children will learn correct vocal techniques including posture, breathing, tone production, shaping vowels, local diction.  They will learn to sing solo or in a group.

This class is designed to develop the love of reading through stories written by award winning children’s authors, becoming acquainted with the author, discovering the components of a book, discussing the story they have heard and how it relates to them and ends by creating a unique project that will spark their imagination, encouraging them to tell the story to family and friends.

This Spanish class is an exciting introduction to Spanish.  It includes lessons on proper pronunciation, conversation, greetings, calendar, numbers, colors, body parts, songs and seasonal lessons.

This art class is committed to creating new student artists one child at a time.  Art education fosters creativity and self-esteem and helps students grow intellectually and emotionally.

Yoga classes are available for all ages.

Gymnastics classes are available for toddlers and primary students.

This class is available for elementary students.