Top 5 Summer Programs in Houston

Summer programs are a great way to keep your child entertained during those long sunny months while school is out. It is an opportunity for them to explore their interests and continuously work on personal development.  As the largest city in Texas, Houston is a metropolitan area comprised of different cultures, languages, and people. Houston is thus the perfect place to enroll your child in summer camps. Keep reading to discover the best summer programs in Houston!

Want to learn more about the best summer programs for your child? Here is the List!

Smaller Scholars Houston

At the top of our list for summer programs in Houston is Smaller Scholars Houston, an academically focused summer school. The main focus of this program is to provide children with the resources they need in order to succeed in their future academic endeavors. Activities provided by the school include hands-on experiences that will enhance their overall engagement.

Faculty equip the facility in a way that makes it fun and exciting for students. The program provides catered lunch every day, field trips every Thursday, and swimming days every week. Teachers work hard to take care of students’ individual needs, teaching them with Montessori lessons. Overall, it is a great way to make learning memorable and fun for your child.

Parent Review:

“I already knew that I loved Montessori but wanted an authentic experience. I feel that I have found that at Smaller Scholars. The staff cares about and loves your child. Learning is taught in a loving and hands-on environment and I have peace of mind knowing my daughter loves going to school.” -Parent Review via Great Schools

The Club Sci Kidz

At Club Sci Kidz, every child is a scientist! The curriculum at this summer program in Houston emphasizes science and its effects on the world around us. In addition to its science-based curriculum, faculty engage students in hands-on activities that delve into a variety of scientific topics.

Even more, students are given the opportunity to study subjects like chemistry, space, and meteorology. Overall, your child will be intellectually challenged on a variety of STEM-based subjects that will pique their interest and allow them to explore the sciences.

Parent Review:

“Club SciKidz Houston has been great for my son! He enjoys the daily activities and all the hands-on experience. I recommend this summer camp to any parent that has a child interested in STEM. The instructors are awesome and the administration has been very helpful and communicates with me when I have questions.  My son can be a handful, but he enjoys Club SciKidz Houston. Nothing but great things to say.” -Parent Review via Google Review

Bridging Cultures DanzHouse

Bridging Cultures DanzHouse integrates creativity and dance for a summer full of fun! The overall goal of DanzHouse is to teach campers to express emotion through dance by controlling their body movements. The DanzHouse offers a variety of dance classes, including hip hop, contemporary, Broadway, ballet, and many more. In addition to dancing, DanzHouse offers exploration programs for singing, acting, and more from cultures around the world. The dance instructors work to achieve a reputation of being the most empowering studies within Texas.

The environment at BC DanzHouse provides a vibrant environment that attracts all students of all backgrounds and skill levels. They have great staff members that are truly passionate about what they do. At the end of the program, students showcase the things that they’ve learned through the program in a recital for the community.

Parent Review:

“The staff here are so energetic and extremely skilled in a variety of dance genres! It is clearly shown how much they care about their passion for performing arts as well as the student’s growth and love for dance. We love BC DanzHouse!” -Parent Review via Facebook

Cy-Fair Music & Arts

Cy-Fair Music & Arts understands that the most formative years of a child are in the early stages of development. With their program, they work to help your child develop skills in language and literacy, movement and physical coordination, and social cognitive growth. Their summer program offers classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Cy-Fair Music and Arts is the largest and most highly qualified teaching institution in northwest Houston. Their flexibility is what makes them so highly ranked in the community. Not to mention, they have a variety of quality instruments for their music lessons!

Parent Review:

“What a wonderful place! Beautiful facility and such pleasant staff! We highly recommend Cy-Fair!” -Parent Review via Facebook

Coder Kids Texas

Coder Kids Texas is a coding-based summer program. Students enrolled in this program learn to create interactive games and animations starting with basic coding languages at the beginner level. Coder Kids Mission is to teach students that coding is a skill that is extremely useful.

Coder Kidz is a summer program geared towards students that are seeking to gain more knowledge in coding. Staff members are well-equipped in helping each student learn how to develop their coding talents and apply them outside of the classroom. Overall, this program will make coding fun, engaging, and easily accessible.

Parent Review:

“My kids love coming to Coder Kids. The staff is so friendly and they have some amazing teachers. I truly recommend this program to help their kids in computer programming.” -Parent review via Facebook

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With so many fun summer program options, your child will have a blast exploring their interests in Houston, TX. Whether your child loves art, science, or computers, there’s a program for everyone. Enroll in one of the top summer programs in Houston today!