Top 5 Private Elementary Schools in Houston, TX

Quality private elementary schools are hard to come by. Even harder to come by are schools that foster character and creativity.  Many parents turn to private Montessori’s to instill values and create lifelong learners. In addition, some, private Montessori includes educational programs that extend beyond the conventional curriculum like gymnastics or cooking classes– programs that are commonly done away with in regular school settings. We’ve compiled a list of the top five private elementary schools in Houston to ease your search for the right Montessori school.


Smaller Scholars Montessori

At the top of our list of private elementary schools in Houston, the Smaller Scholars Montessori mission is to provide students with a safe space and support them as they grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. The school’s individualized curriculum and small class sizes create the optimal environment to promote independence, concentration and focus.

The school is a champion for traditional academics and practical skills. To create well-rounded individuals, Smaller Scholars Montessori offers outside learning opportunities not found at conventional schools. These outside opportunities include chess, soccer, yoga, karate, voice, and piano lessons.


“I have checked all the schools in the area (Montessori and non-Montessori). This is the best school. Teachers are nice, caring and always happy, so are the kids since the teachers are examples for them. All the teachers have been working there for years and they all are very pleased with the school.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer


Armand Bayou Montessori School

Learning meets fun at the Armand Bayou Montessori School. Armand Bayou provides the typical practical learning practices of the Montessori Method and real-world fun. The spotlight of its program is its educational field trips based on given themes like oceanography, the rainforest and more.


“I love the look and feel of the school. My son thinks all the teachers are magical. I am very impressed with the staff in how they create a safe and nurturing environment for all the kids.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer


Montessori School of Downtown

Montessori School of Downtown inspires self-learners through real-life applications of traditional school lessons. The fun doesn’t stop there because alongside the academic curriculum the school provides opportunities to learn karate, gymnastics, and more.


“Myself and my child have had a wonderful experience with the school. The administration and teachers are friendly and professional. I love that they have classes like karate, soccer, art, gymnastics, and dance. My child enjoys going to school every day and talks about using the SmartBoard and learning Spanish. I would recommend this school over and HISD school any day.” – Great Schools Parent Reviewer


School Of The Woods Montessori

School of the Woods Montessori is a hands-on learning environment that encourages the students to take the lead on their education. Students go beyond the textbook and apply lessons and prior knowledge in museums, historical sites, and more. Beyond academics, this Montessori offers an extensive performing arts program that includes guitar and African drum courses, dance, and drama clubs.


“The school has been a wonderful experience for my children. The faculty and the environment foster personal responsibility and preparation for lifelong learning. It develops [students] more than test scores. It fosters creative empathetic people who can make a contribution to the community.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer


Montessori Moments

At Montessori Moments, the aim of its educational program is not only to prepare students for school but for life. Its elementary program is composed of traditional academics; however, is individualized and taught at the appropriate speed for each student. This Montessori school provides a plethora of enrichment programs including, but not limited to, Spanish courses, gymnastics practice, kid-friendly yoga, and piano lessons.


“I love Montessori Moments, the staff and the kids. The school is very family oriented and everyone knows everyone which is a good thing. I recommend Montessori Moments to all my friends that have children!” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer