Top 5 Private Preschools in Houston, TX

Early education is crucial in a child’s development and academic success. Children who attend preschool are set with a stronger foundation in pre-reading skills, richer vocabulary, fine motor skills, and pre-math skills, just to name a few.  As a parent, selecting a preschool for your child is an important decision that entails extensive planning and research. The following is a list of the top private preschools in Houston, TX to make your research a little easier.


1. Smaller Scholars Montessori


Bright futures begin at Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy. Smaller Scholars strives to provide a first-class environment for children to develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. The highly qualified and caring teachers implement the highest academic standards while taking into account the child’s interests and talents.

Students are also encouraged to be active and creative explorers. Smaller Scholars’ beautiful campus offers unique facilities such as a gymnasium, three age-appropriate playgrounds, a track, and a water plex to create an atmosphere of cooperation and community. Students love Smaller Scholars and parents love knowing their children are having fun in a safe environment that fosters independence, confidence, and creativity.

“I already knew that I loved Montessori but wanted an authentic experience. I feel that I have found that at Smaller Scholars. The staff cares about and loves your child. Learning is taught in a loving and hands-on environment and I have a peace of mind knowing my daughter loves going to school.”  

Great Schools Parent Review


2. St. Catherine’s Montessori


St. Catherine’s Montessori discovers the child’s learning style and helps them reach their highest potential by working in partnership with the parents. St. Catherine’s prepares students in the areas of practical life, sensorial activities, language, math, culture, art, and music in three-hour work cycles per subject. These work cycles are self-directed, which result in the development of confidence, independence and work ethic.

“Our experience at this school has been wonderful! Our son has attended for a few years and we have found an incredible community in the parents, faculty, and staff. His Guides have been amazing! I cannot think of another place where he could be.”  — Great Schools Parent Review


3. Armand Bayou Montessori School


Armand Bayou is one of the top private preschools in Houston. The students at Armand Bayou Montessori School experience enthusiasm and joy of learning through the Montessori method. The child’s curiosity and desire to learn is cultivated by helping them take advantage of their natural learning styles. By doing so, the student’s learning capability will be at their highest potential in future learning situations.  Classroom activities are supported by educational field trips and summer programs.

“We love this school. My daughter began when she was two and is in 3rd grade this year. She has done so well here. The school teaches the children how to take care of themselves and be confident in the world. My daughter has learned to think and figure things out for herself.”   — Great Schools Parent Review


4. Montessori Downtown


Montessori Downtown follows a self-inspired learning curriculum to create self-inspired learners. The highly prepared teachers at Montessori Downtown provide top quality education through the use of research-based tactics. The areas covered by the Montessori preschool curriculum include art, language arts, math, everyday life skills, and sensorial activities.

“Myself and my child have had a wonderful experience with the school. The administration and teachers are friendly and professional. I love that they have classes like karate, soccer, art, gymnastics, and dance.” Great Schools Parent Review


5. Clear Lake Montessori


Clear Lake Montessori wraps up the list of the top private preschools in Houston. This school prepares students for school and beyond by helping them develop into vigorous, bright, responsible and proficient members of the community. Clear Lake’s programs are created around the students’ intellectual and physical needs by focusing on age-appropriate goals. The school’s curriculum covers activities in manipulatives, language, culture, dramatic play, expressive art, math, and science.

“I love the look and feel of the school. My son thinks all the teachers are magical. I am very impressed with the staff in how they create a safe and nurturing environment for all the kids. Thanks.”  Great Schools Parent Review