Top 5 Private Schools in Houston, TX

Qualified teachers, curriculum flexibility, smaller classes, and ample resources are some of the many benefits and advantages offered by private schools. Although there are several private schools to choose from in Houston, there is only a handful that will provide a well rounded academic experience for your child. The following is a list of the top private schools in Houston and a description of what each school has to offer.


Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy

Smaller Scholars’ priority is to teach a lifetime love of learning. The qualified and caring staff empower children to grow, develop, explore, and exceed personally and academically. The Smaller Scholars’ Montessori approach is supported by individualized instruction encouraging children to advance at their own pace based on their natural abilities. As a result, students develop confidence, self-discipline, and independence.

Smaller Scholars also offers a variety of unique and engaging programs such as CSI (Cool Science Investigations), robotics, outdoor education, and karate. In addition, both parents and students fall in love with the unique campus and facilities, which include a gymnasium, three age-appropriate playgrounds, a track, and a water plex.


“Our son has been in this school since he was a toddler and he is now a 3rd grader. We love this school. We feel that the teachers and the administrative staff really care and love our son and the children in the school, and truly care about teaching them real-life lessons as part of their development. I would recommend this school to parents who seek a nurturing environment and a balanced development for their child.”  — Great Schools Parent Review


School of the Woods Montessori

School of the Woods Montessori is a college prep school serving children in early childhood through the twelfth grade. This school prides itself in being a diverse learning community offering a superior education, preparing students to excel in college and their future careers.

Before and after school activities such as instrumental music, dance, drama, and seasonal athletic programs are offered to provide a complete learning environment for the students.


“My daughter started going to School of the Woods since she was 2 1/2 years old. This year was her second year in early childhood. She loves learning and enjoys going to school. We noticed that she is more confident and wants to be independent. Overall, we are happy with our choice to put her in School of the Woods.”  — Great Schools Parent Review


Cambridge Montessori School

Cambridge Montessori School motivates and helps children reach their highest potential to excel in their studies and life. The school’s Montessori curriculum helps children advance academically, as they simultaneously develop their cognitive skills, self-awareness, empathy, and compassion.  

Cambridge offers small classes, classrooms fully equipped with Montessori materials, and supplementary learning opportunities such as Spanish, Music, and P.E.


“Cambridge has been a great influence on my two young girls that have been attending. As a parent, I am proud and satisfied with the staff and the improvements. Great Education!!”   Great Schools Parent Review


Sugar Creek Montessori School

Sugar Creek Montessori School is committed to offer the highest academic standards and help children develop their social and emotional skills. This school provides a safe and nurturing environment where students are motivated to be independent and explore to reach their highest potential.

Some of Sugar Creek’s specialty classes include art, robotics, STEM, piano, yoga, Mandarin, gymnastics and martial arts.


“Wow, this is such a nice school! Beautifully diverse, the environment is enriching the teachers that my son has had have been nurturing and great for his development. He has learned so much it still amazes me. I am so glad we decided to come to SCMS over daycare.”  — Great Schools Parent Review


St. Catherine’s Montessori

St. Catherine’s Montessori concludes the list of the top private schools in Houston. St. Catherine’s cultivates the growth of the whole child in a Catholic academic environment. The school strives to spark consciousness of the child’s qualities and responsibilities as members of a global community.

St. Catherine’s curriculum is designed to make learning interesting and exciting through the use of the Cosmic Education method. This method covers three areas of development: interdisciplinary and self-directed learning, social learning, and learning in the community.


“Our experience at this school has been wonderful! Our son has attended for a few years and we have found an incredible community in the parents, faculty, and staff. His Guides have been amazing! I cannot think of another place where he could be.” — Great Schools Parent Review