5 Things to Do in Houston with Kids

In the early years of childhood, we stress a strong education to prepare our children to be productive citizens of society. This idea is justified! According to The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, childhood is a time when developmental changes are happening cognitively, socially, and emotionally. These changes have profound and lasting consequences on a child’s future. However, time spent outside the classroom is just as important as time spent inside of it!

Activities outside of school develop skills that aren’t focused on in school. In addition, these activities teach students valuable skills that may help them cope with the stress of traditional classroom learning. These skills shouldn’t be taken lightly when considering the overall growth of the child. All in all, activities outside the normal curriculum teach students to love learning! With that in mind, here are five things to do in Houston with kids.

Things to do in Houston with kids:


Lace up your cleats because soccer starts this list of things to do in Houston! Soccer is an amazing sport to cultivate friendships, foster a team-oriented mindset, and build vital motor skills. In addition, it is a sneaky way to practice basic math and communication skills. Take your shot because this activity is a score!

Beginner Bookworms

You don’t have to read between the lines to find the value in beginner bookworms! Beginner bookworms is an introductory level class for children of all ages looking to improve their comprehension skills. Parents can join in as a reading buddy and encourage good reading habits.

Language Classes

Did you know that studies suggest that bilingual students have an enhanced ability to concentrate? In fact, more so than their monolingual peers! Why? Research suggests that managing two languages improves the brain’s ability to focus while ignoring irrelevant information. The benefits of learning a second language are phenomenal! Enroll your child in this activity in Houston to improve cognitive function and learn a new language.


Settle down and slow your mind with yoga for kids! Yoga is a creative and low-impact activity for children seeking to improve their concentration and increase physicality. Yoga teaches real-life applications of technical breathing and stretches to help students focus in the classroom. In addition, this thing to do in Houston promotes relaxation, flexibility, and fitness. Hit the mat with yoga for kids in the Houston area!

Music Lessons

Dance to the beat of your own drum in private music lessons! Similar to language courses, learning to play an instrument has several benefits beyond just knowing how to play. According to Kent State University, playing an instrument improves neural activity, increases coordination, fine tunes auditory skills, and more! All in all, music lessons are a great way to spend time outside of the classroom productively and stimulate the brain.

During childhood, it is vital to provide children with the best opportunities to develop inside and outside of the classroom. In this case, your child has the opportunity to participate in every developmental activity and more at Smaller Scholars Montessori Academy. Contact Smaller Scholars to learn more about how your child can benefit from their wide array of extra-curricular activities.